Impotency signifies a permanent condition of inability to effect sexual intercourse successfully. It is the worst calamity one can encounter in life which takes away the pleasure and bliss of youth. It is very humiliating for a person to find himself ineffective while performing coitus, since on the other part the female partner expects the male partner to give her immense sexual pleasure and gratification during the course of sexual union. Real bliss of married life lies in the sexual harmony of the couple. Thus a woman can never love an impotent. The impotent person is not regarded at all by women even though he is rich, handsome and affluent in wealth. Only because of this factor, in many instances, young and rich women of high families are heard of having eloped with or been seduced by their menials without caring their husbands. They reject their impotent husbands and enter into illicit relationship with someone else. A woman is happier and more contented with a poor man who is potent and virile than a man devoid of sexual power. The impotency of a person also brings disharmony in domestic life. Occasionally it frustrates people to commit suicide or makes insane too.

Therefore prior to marriage, young persons should consult a qualified doctor to check about his sexual problems and potency. Unless and until he is perfectly healthy in his sexual performance, he should shelve the idea of getting married till he is medically and sexually fit to satisfy his wife fully to her gratification.


The symptoms of impotency are as follows :

  1. Speedy discharge (premature ejaculation).
  2. Reduction in the time occupied by male in sexual acts.
  3. Imperfect or partial erection of a short duration and subsides before the sexual act is started.
  4. Erection does not take place at any time of the day or night or if it occurs, it is very flaccid.
  5. Male finishes without causing much excitement in the female and it does not make any difference whether she is satisfied or not.
  6. Strong and frequent erection followed by premature ejaculation is a signal for imminent sexual impotence.
  7. Penile erection is seldom activated. Very rarely is a few drops of semen discharged.
  8. No sexual passion, no erection, no discharge.
  9. Semen thin and odourless.
  10. Absence of morning erections.
  11. Nocturnal discharges without erections or the erections are loose and during dreams it occurs at the mere attempt of kissing, embracing or just during insertion of the penis or before it.
  12. Hanging of testicles loose.
  13. Immediate softening of erection after seminal emission.


There are also several factors responsible for impotency, such as :

  1. Complication of diabetes mellitus.
  2. Psychological disturbances e. g. anxieties, worries, fears, etc.
  3. Debilitating illnesses e. g. pernicious anæmia, leukæmia, etc.
  4. Bad effects of alcoholism, drugs and tobacco.
  5. Masturbation and artificial sexual devices.
  6. Long continued celibacy.
  7. Venereal diseases e. g. syphilis and gonorrhea.
  8. Sexual excesses.
  9. Neurological condition e. g. peripheral neuritis, spina bifida, tabes dorsalis, etc.
  10. Deficient secretion of testosterone.
  11. Repeated radiation through X-ray, cobalt, chemotherapy, etc.
  12. Vitamin deficiency.
  13. Tumour of the brain, spinal cord and testes.
  14. Congenital malformation of the lower portion of spinal cord.
  15. Pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  16. Vertebral and spinal injury.
  17. Obesity.
  18. Coitus interruptus.
  19. Suppression of sexual desire.
  20. Early marriage (Before the age of twenty). Smaller the age, the more unripe the system is.
  21. To cohabit with a woman who is much older or of very small age. (Thus a man should marry a girl about six to nine years younger than him. Regarding girls, they should get married only after she has experienced 36 menstrual periods, as advised in the Vedas).
  22. Exercising a sexual intercourse in distorted positions.
  23. Intercourse just after a full meal or when extremely hungry or when very much tired.
  24. Intercourse when one is afflicted with grief and anxiety.
  25. Washing of the male organ with cold water just after coition.


The potency of a male can be calculated by the following factors :

  1. The distance at which the stream of urine falls when passed with deliberate force.
  2. The responsive upward move of the testicles at the time of coughing.
  3. The potency of a male is in proportion to the degree of rigidity of erection at the time of a nocturnal emission.
  4. Early morning erection of penis with a full bladder is the good evidence of normal physiological and anatomical functioning.
  5. A man who has a strong and hard thigh is possessed of strong sexual organs. A man who is unable to walk with his knees straight but keeps them slightly bent due to weakness of the muscles of the thighs, is sure to be weak in sexual vigour.

Young men are emphasized that they should not rely upon short period treatments in the hands of quacks or unqualified doctors and instead they should consult any well qualified doctor to win over their problems once for all. One should bear in mind that impotency cannot be cured permanently in a shorter period of time.

It is needless to add that in the market there are several medicines available with great publicity of those products but they are stimulating and if prescribed without first adapting the system for their use produce reverse results. Such medicines produce a temporary stimulation followed by reaction and the user becomes even worse.