Spermatorrhea (Dhatu Rog)

Hindi Name: Bina Itcha ke Virya Pat, Swapandosh, Veeryapat ho gaya aur pata nahin laga Spermatorrhea Symptoms
● Fatigue
● Anorexia
● Weakness
● Dizziness
● Back pain
● Isolation
● Constipation
● Lack of energy
● Emotional stress
● Penis become Flaccid
● Loss of concentration
● Leaking of semen in urine
● Frequent desire to urinate
● Itching around genital areas
● Rapid Heart rate and Dyspepsia
● Involuntary Discharge of Semen


Spermatorrhea is a disease of the Male Reproductive System.
Involuntary discharge of semen is Spermatorrhea. It is the leakage of semen without orgasm or erection.
It can happen at night. Call it Night Fall.
It can happen due to a lascivious dream, call it Wet Dream.
The discharge may be from the Prostate. Call it Prostatorrhea. The secretion is milky. It is without Spermatozoa. There is a white sticky discharge with urine.
The secretion may be from the Testes. This is genuine Spermatorrhea. The discharge is thin, transparent and watery.

Causes of Spermatorrhea
● Stress
● Alcohol
● Smoking
● Fatigue
● Depression
● Abstinence
● Sleeplessness
● Kidney disease
● Emotional Weakness
● Hormonal disorders
● Congestive Prostate
● Frequent masturbation
● Weak Nervous System
● Medicinal Side Effects
● Inefficient digestive system

If not treated properly, Spermatorrhea may cause
Male Infertility