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We believe that each human being on this planet deserves the best of their sexual life and in pace with this, we are trying our best to add a charm to their sex paradise and give them the best possible sex life which they truly deserve.

Say goodbye to sex problems!

We have been providing sexual treatments for a long time.Number of people experiencing sexual problems has increased in the last few years.We understand and respect the fact that sexuality is the most secret and sensitive aspect of your personality. There have been cases where patients end up developing low self-esteem and low self-respect because of sexual problems.However, that was the past.You can now get rid of most of the sexual problems provided you undergo the treatment at the right time. We can some to your rescue by prescribing the right treatment for the sexual problem which is worrying you.

Our Vission

Nowadays, approximately 40% couples, especially males, are not having a good sex life which can be attributed to several reasons like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and other Sex related Problems such as loss of libido, impotency fears etc.
The major reason behind these problems and an individual’s inability to overcome these is pure lack of Sex Education and lack of Qualified Sexologist or Sex Specialists in India.

Most couples who face some or the other sex problems are keen on getting it solved by seeking expert advice and take appropriate treatment but they do not know where to go and whom to approach. And if they know, they feel shy to visit a sex clinic or discuss it overtly with a sex specialist.

Considering these factors, it’s vital to have more qualified and skilled Sexologist/Sex Specialist who can deal with sex problems in a friendly way without making the couples feel uncomfortable. On observing frequent divorces and separation cases due to unsatisfied sex lives of couples, we decided to foray into the field of giving sex advice and let their enjoy marital bliss.

Once we stepped into this arena of discussing couples’ sexual health and problems, we expanded our centers to be able to cater maximum number of patients. And now, after years of hard work and research, we have an excellent team to serve our patients and we are proud to be India’s one of the best sexologist clinic.

Bhawan Dhanvantari

Welcome To Sexologist Dr. S.K Mishra

Herbs plays a significant role, especially in modern times, as living has started taking its heavy toll. Constant stress, insatiable desires, over reaching ambitions, sophisticated artificial life style, mad race to be on the top , extreme atmospheric pollution, damaging effects of food processing and over medication have assumed alarming proportions in producing more & more "mental & physical" ailments, that leads to sexual disorders/ disharmony among men & women. Every second person is suffering from one problem or other. Humanity now turns towards natural medicines to cure their ailments of artificial life styles. Like in ayurveda medicine, herbs are used in many different systems in different ways. However the ultimate objective of their use is that they should interact directly with our body chemistry. They may be used in various forms like food, medicine, cosmetics or perfumes. But in all cases their active herbal constituents must be observed into the body for deriving the required benefits. Once they are absorbed into the bloodstream. They circulate to influence our whole system. According to Dr. S.K Mishra , an internationally renowned sexologist, the skill of the sexologlist, is mainly, to strengthen the body's own healing mechanism instead of suppressing or disturbing it, as modern medicine tend to do. This is where our herbal treatment stands apart from other system of medicines because of its enlargement, way of approach & the well developed treatment methods. Today the whole world recognized ayurveda as a unique system of medicine. The ayurveda herbalism, which developed over a periods of millennia by physicians who devoted their entire life in search of useful herbs, wandering all over the thickets & mountains of the sub-continent, had imbibed the practices adopted by the locals and tribals from various regions. This system is also based on close observations over several generations of the pharmacological aspect. With the help of modern research tools, pharmacological studies on herbs, physicians like Dr. S.K Mishra revived the old formulations, made them potent and new drugs are researched. Ayurveda system now forms an integral part of national health care delivery system & is recognized by world health organization as on the alternative system of medicine. Sex is considered taboo in our orthodox society, which prudishly discourages questions about this intimate and integral part of our lives. Hence, one's natural curiosity remains largely unsatisfied and the existing myths, misconceptions & ignorance continue to be perpetuated & passed on from generation to generation, like an inherited social disease. Out of these misconceptions, people silently suffer from sexual disorders. Especially modern medicine does not have a complete cure for sexual ailments. And it is a universal truth that ayurveda herbalism with its long years of existence & enlargement has potential cures & remedies to cure incurable sexual diseases. Sexual medicine rightfully deserves its long over due respect and recognition as an independent science. True to our traditional legacy of social honesty from an ancient cultural past, we promote this site to help whole of mankind across the globe to lead a healthy & happy life.